AG Energy Transport (AET) is a for-hire carrier that specializes in the transportation of Oils and Fats. AET continues to evaluate and invest in the latest industry technology to manage our fleet and ensure the highest caliber of customer interface while looking for new ideas and programs. 


6800 gal. Single Compartments


  • Sleepers
  • Hydro Packs
  • GPS Real Time Tracking
  • Electronic Logs

Insulated Stainless Sanitary Tank Trailers


  • Single Compartment
  • In-Transit Heat
  • Viking Product Pumps
  • Rear Discharge
  • Two (2) 20’ 3” Food Grade Product Hoses
  • Cam Lock Adapters

Service Range


AG Energy Transport is currently active in many parts of Midwestern, Southern, and Eastern USA.

Our truck depots (starred regions on the map above) are in Southeast Michigan, Northwest Indiana, and Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Not in our current service range? Contact us and inquire about possible range expansion.